Jacking Equipment Hire

 Heavy Duty Props for Hire 
 Heavy duty props used for temporary supports when undertaking bridge bearing replacement or other structural repairs.
 Heavy Duty Hydraulic Jack Hire | Hydra Capsule, UK 
 Hydraulic jacks for hire and accessory jacking equipment, locking collar, hollow ram, pad, low profile, single and double-acting cylinders.
 Temporary Propping Equipment Hire | Hydra Capsule, UK 
 Temporary propping equipment hire with integrated hydraulic jacking systems, design and installation services offered throughout the UK.
 Light Duty Propping | Wall Needling | Facade Retention - Restraint 
 Light duty propping used for facade retention, raking shores and load bearing wall needling supports, available for hire.
 Aluminium Propping & Support Hire 
 Range of aluminium supports (Gass Props) which has been developed for the construction industry, used for falsework shoring or propping systems.
 Jacking Equipment Hire | Hydra Capsule, UK 
 Comprehensive range of jacking equipment, temporary propping and precise structural monitoring systems available for hire.
 Locking Collar Jacks available for Hire 
 Locking collar jacks (hydraulic) which mechanically lock-off the screwed ram, making them ideal for bridge jacking and many other holding applications.
 Pad Jacks (Hydraulic) 
 Pad jacks (hydraulic) with a very compact design for use within very low height gaps, we offer seven different types from 5 to 90 tons capacity.
 Low Profile Jacks (Hydraulic) available for Hire 
 Low profile jacks with a compact design for use within minimum height spaces.
 Hollow Ram Jacks (Hydraulic) available for Hire UK 
 Hollow ram jacks (hydraulic) used with high tensile pulling bars for lifting, lowering, stressing and hydraulic clamping operations.
 Hydraulic Pull Cylinders and Single Acting Jacks for Hire 
 Hydraulic pull cylinders and plain ram jacks with spring return used for tensioning and stressing operations available for hire throughout the UK.
 Hydraulic Pump Hire | Hydra Capsule, UK 
 Hydraulic pumps available for hire, electric, hand-operated, petrol or diesel driven units with unique electronic control.
 Hydraulic Accessories 
 Hydraulic accessories to suit all our cylinder jacks, ranging from high pressure hydraulic manifolds to precise load and displacement gauge monitoring equipment.
 Jacking and Monitoring Accessories | Hydra Capsule, UK 
 Jacking and monitoring equipment accessories, ranging from high pressure hydraulic hoses to electronic sensors with remote displays.
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