Contract Services

Hydra-Capsule specialises in various multi-purpose jacking systems, within the construction and civil engineering sector. Our expertise experience are within the flat jacks, hydraulic jacking and temporary propping systems have allow us to offer a comprehensive range of hydraulic jacking products, monitoring and support equipment, and services.

Hydra Capsule policy it to offer above professional performance throughout, to project success.

Flat Jacks

from temporary to permanent flat jacking solutions, which specialises within pre-loading, deflection and weighing applications.

Hydraulic Jacking

view our full range of hydraulic jacking applications. Ranging for lifting, lowering, sliding and supporting loads for temporary propping applications.

Monitoring Equipment

complete range of jacking and structural monitoring equipment for real-time, long-distance or remote monitoring.

Temporary Propping

giving construction our support for bridges, building and structures and range of capacity support systems.

Manufacturing and Testing

hydraulic cylinders manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.

Synchronised Lifting

manual and automated lifting / jacking systems, electronically controlled for a level lifting / lowering operations.

Grout Bags

view of full range of grout bags, ideal for underpinning, unleveled surfaces and filling voids where normal grouting operations are restricted.

Bearing Replacement

offering a complete supply and service for replacing bearings for buildings, bridges and superstructures.

Heavy Lifting

mechanically safe jacking system, ideal for lifting, lowering and sliding applications.


offering a complete services for pre-stressing and post-tensioning applications.

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