Heavy Duty Hydraulic Jacks

Heavy duty hydraulic jacks for hire and accessory jacking equipment, locking collar, hollow ram, pad, low profile, single and double acting cylinders. With over 35 years of experience within the industry Hydra-Capsule Ltd offer an exclusive range of heavy duty jacking equipment, including accessory hydraulic pumps (hand operated or electric) manifolds, hoses and pressure gauges. All our cylinders are designed and manufactured from quality high strength steel, we always fully test them prior to dispatch guaranteeing reliability and full functionality on site. Our hydraulic jacks and cylinders range from 10 to 520 tons lifting capacity and are ideal for many applications, such as heavy lifting or lowering operations, bridge jacking, transferring structural loads to temporary or permanent supports, bridge bearings replacement, stressing and weighing operations.

Listed below are the types of cylinders available, ranging from screwed ram locking collar (glanded), low-profile (height), hollow ram, heavy duty pull ram hydraulic cylinders and single or double acting plain ram jacks.

Locking Collar

10 tons to 1000 tons screwed ram locking collar cylinders, ideal for lifting and holding applications.

Pad Cylinders

5 tons to 145 tons plain ram cylinder, ideal for lifting and low-height applications.

Low Profile

10 to 145 tons plain ram cylinder, ideal for lifting and standard jacking applications available.


Plain Rams and Pulling Cylinders

5 to 1000 tons single-acting cylinders, ideal for lifting, testing and pulling applications available.

 Hollow Ram

10 to 500 tons single-acting and double-acting hollow ram cylinders, ideal for tensioning and testing applications.



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