Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic pumps for hire with unique control systems, ranging from basic single pump and jack set-ups to the more complex multiple electronic control and structural monitoring systems. We offer a selection of basic manifolds, hoses and pressure gauges also available for hire.




Hand Operated - Selection Chart

 Model  Description  Litres
 HP-01  Hand Operated Pump (2 Speed Flow)  1.5
 HP-03  Hand Operated Pump (2 Speed Flow)  4.5
 HP-05 Hand Operated Pump (2 Speed Flow)  15.0

Electric Hydraulic Pumps - Selection Chart

 Model  Description  Litres
 EP-01 110v Electric D/A Pump (2 Speed Flow)  4.5
 EP-03  110v Electric D/A Pump (2 Speed Flow)  25.0

Grout Pumps - Selection Chart

 Model  Description  Weight (Kg)
 GP-01  Grout Hand Pump (50 litres)  4.5
 GP-PM  Paddle Mixer (110V)  17.0
NB: We are able to supply all grouting materials, please call to discuss.

Generator Selection Chart

 Model  Description  Weight (Kg)
 GE-110V  Petrol Generator (110V)  25.0

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