Heavy Lifting Systems

 Our heavy lifting systems are ideal for raising, lowering and sliding
  of bridge structures, specialist contractor Hydra-Capsule Ltd
  offer a full and professional service to all our customers. The
  heavy lifting units are a 50 tons capacity jacking system
capable of lifting, lowering or pulling heavy structures into
  position using high strength steel threaded bars, the units
  are normally used for bridge lifting, lowering or pulling
  (bridge sliding) operations. Each unit comprises of a 60 tons
  capacity double acting hollow ram jack mounted on a
  fabricated steel stool to enable access to the bottom lock-
nut via the window.

 Once set up, the unit's operation is relatively simple, for lifting
 operations the ram is firstly fully retracted, both the top and
 the bottom lock-nuts are tightened. The ram is then extended
 to its full stroke which in turn raises the bar, the bottom lock-
nut is then tightened, the ram is retracted and the top lock-nut
 is re-tightened again ready for the next cycle. The procedure
 for lowering is similar except that a 10mm thick split pack is
 used above the jack ram to enable the release of the top
lock-nut during the lowering cycle.

The units are designed so they can be removed upon completion of the jacking operation leaving just the lifting bar, base plate and lock-off assembly, they can be reinstalled at a later stage to enable lowering of the structure or de-loading of the lifting bars. Customers should use our specialist diesel or electric driven multi-flow hydraulic pumps when using these units as they provide synchronised hydraulic control of multiple sets, we also strongly recommend that you use our specialist teams to install and operate this equipment.

The jacking units can also be used horizontally in conjunction with our hydra-skates to enable the movement of large heavy structures by pulling them into position, typical examples are, culvert sections, railway bridges or buildings. The hydra-skates are normally connected together using the actual pulling bar and additional lock-nuts, this distributes the pulling forces equally between the hydra-skates. The vertical hydra-jacks are inter-linked into sets so that any variation in track levels can be compensated for by the hydraulic control system.

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