Bridge Bearing Replacement Specialists

Hydra-Capsule Limited offers a full bridge bearing replacement service, as a sub-contractor, we have built strong working relationships with various bridge bearing manufacturers and have over 30 years experience within this market. Working on a multitude of major bridge projects that have ranged over £1 million to accommodate our clients requirements and specifications.

Supply and installation services: 
  • Elastomeric Pads.
  • Fixed Bridge Bearings.
  • Pot Bearings.
  • Guided Bridge Bearings.
  • Spherical Bearings.
  • Rocker Bearings.
Our services offer design, supply and installation of hydraulic jacking systems to allow for replacement (bridge and superstructures) to be installed, pre-loaded (flat jacks are a ideal for this solution) and replaced to suit all applications.

In addition, Hydra-Capsule are able to supply for hire temporary elastomeric sliding pads or temporary PTFE bearings for our range of hydraulic jacks to accommodate lateral movements from thermal movements.

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