Synchronised Jacking and Synchronous Lifting Systems

Synchronised jacking system developed by Hydra-Capsule Limited has the ability to use multiple input sensors to control lifting, lowering, weighing and positioning of heavy structures regardless of the weight distribution with real-time monitoring facilities.

The system allows our electronic instrumentation to be interlinked as one circuit to the control system, which allows the computer controlled system to monitor each jacks movement with stroke sensors and loads with pressure transducers. Solenoid valves provide jack control giving equal lift or lowering regardless of loads within each jack.

We can adapt the control system to utilise tilt sensors, laser levelling detectors, linear variable digital transducers (LVDT) or draw wire potentiometers for the more critical projects. The electronic instrumentation enables precise tolerances to be maintained during the lifting or lowering operation.

                                               Examples of typical pump systems

110v Electric Hydraulic Pumps for Hire

ESF30 - Single flow hydraulic pumps offer  precise control via the internal solenoid control valve system which can also be controlled remotely, the pump is fitted with a variable pressure switch so that the maximum pressure can be pre-selected to automatically stop the pump when achieved, the internal pressure transducer transmits the pressure back to the LED read-out which can be calibrated to suit your requirements.  A number of pumps can also be located at different positions and linked back to our remote central control system to enable simultaneous group control and monitoring, very useful for synchronous (synchronised) lifting or lowering operations carried out over long distances, such as, bridge piers or different floor levels within a building. 

EMF50 - Our multiple flow units have  four separate displacement pumps which operate simultaneously from one motor, each out-put delivers an equal volume of oil regardless of pressure, which in turn provides an equal lift to the jacks. Its important that each out-put has an equal volume, i.e. the same number and size of jacks, for further information or advice, please contact us.

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