Light Duty Propping | Facade Retention | Wall Needling Supports

Hydra-Capsule Limited offer a range of light duty propping used for facade retention or restraint, wall needing systems and raking shores which can be easily assembled using supporting beams of varying length. These props are the ideal solution for maximum loads of 120 kNs in both vertical and horizontal strut applications.

Adjustment is achievable at each end-connection of the prop using standard screwed jacks which enables the strongest orientation and allows ease of cross bracing on multiple prop configurations.

SlimShore Section Properties Chart

 Area: Gross 26.06 cm2  E.I. xx: 4020 kNm2
 Area: Nett 19.64 cm2  E.I. yy: 300 kNm2
 I xx: 1916 cm4  M max x: 40 kNm
 I yy: 658 cm4  M max y: 6.24 kNm
 r xx: 9.69 cm  Gaxx: 17350 kNs
 r yy: 5.70 cm  Mean Compressive Yield Stress 370 N/mm2
 Z xx: 161 cm2  Bending Moment on Joint (6 Bolts) 18 kNm
 Z yy: 61 cm2

SlimShore Section Specification Chart

Description Weight (kg)
10mm End Plate  3
90mm Soldier 7
360mm Soldier 12
540mm Soldier  15
720mm Soldier  19
900mm Soldier  22
1800mm Soldier  39
2700mm Soldier  55

With an extensive range of ancillary equipment available, including adjustable base screwed jacks, rocking heads, hydraulic jacks, adaptor plates used for raking struts, needle and spreader beams of various lengths.

Ideal for:
  • Facade retention.
  • Back propping.
  • Perimeter and excavation support.
  • Needling systems.
  • Raking wall props.

SlimShore Component Specifications Chart

Description Weight (kg)
Adjustment Base (365mm - 515mm) 19
Prop Jacks (LH and RH) 15
Single / Double 6-Way Connector 25.0 - 38.0
90 Degree Corner
Anchor Base Plate
Tilt Plate
Prop Spade End Link & Pivot Tube
Pivot Clean Set  9

SlimShore Accessories Specifications Chart

Description Weight (kg)
High-Load Waller Plate 7
Waller Plate (90 kNs) 2
SlimShore Porthole Bearing 2
Dual Purpose Jack and Adaptor Tube 7
SlimShore Rocking Head 5
Scaffolding Tube Vary of Lengths
U-Shape Rapidshore Support 4
SlimShore Tube Clamp
Prop Backing Coupler (Swivel Type) 2
Universal Clamp 1


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