Contract Services

 Flat Jacks and Flat Jacking Equipment for Permanent and Temporary Structures 
 Flat jacks and specialist jacking systems, permanent grout filled or temporary water units available, up to 1020 tons capacity for all your applications.
 Heavy Lifting Services | Hydra Capsule, UK 
 Heavy lifting systems, ideal for raising, lowering and sliding of bridge structures, specialist contractor Hydra-Capsule offer a full service.
 Hydraulic Jacks and Hydraulic Jacking Equipment | Hydra Capsule, UK 
 Hydraulic jacking and monitoring systems, our jacks range from 5 ton to 520 tons in capacity used for heavy lifting, lowering and temporary propping applications.
 Bridge Bearing Replacement Services | Hydra Capsule, UK 
 Bridge bearing replacement services by Hydra-Capsule Ltd offering, design and installation for a multitude of structural bearings.
 Stressing, Load Testing and Post Tension Equipment | Hydra Capsule, UK 
 Stressing, load testing and post tension equipment used within the civil and construction industry.
 Synchronised Jacking and Lifting Systems | Hydra Capsule, UK 
 Synchronised jacking system which has the ability to use multi-input sensors for precise lifting, lowering, weighing and positioning of heavy structures.
 Grout Bags for Underpinning | Hydra Capsule, UK 
 Grout bags are ideal for underpinning and void filling as permanent chocks where normal grouting operations cannot be achieved.
 Building and Bridge Jacking Contractors | Hydra Capsule, UK 
 Introduction of contract services for all flat jacks, hydraulic jacking and temporary propping applications.
 Jack Manufacturing and Testing | Hydra Capsule, UK 
 All our jacks are fully designed, manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 quality standards and are fully tested within our load press prior to dispatch.
 Structural Propping and Jacking Consultancy | Hydra Capsule, UK 
 Temporary Propping and Jacking Contractors | Hydra Capsule, UK 
 Temporary propping and jacking specialists contractors supplying light to heavy duty propping used for building support systems, full contract services available.
 Aluminium Shoring | Gass Props for Hire 
 Full range of aluminium shoring systems including Gass Props used for slab support and formwork available for hire throughout the UK.
 Heavy Duty Propping Systems 
 Heavy duty propping equipment with integrated hydraulic jacking systems, design and installation services offered.
 Light Duty Propping 
 Light duty props for temporary supports, back propping and supporting of concrete slabs, available for hire.
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