Aluminium Shoring Systems and Accessory Equipment

Aluminium shoring used for temporary propping applications.
Standard aluminium shoring systems (gass props) have been developed to meet today's requirements for the construction industry, which allow speed, safety and economic demands to be achieved.

The shoring system has a maximum capacity of 100 kNs per leg section, the simple arrangement of the integral bracing frames allow only three main components for design (inner or outer leg and ledger frame).

The Gass prop is commonly used for shoring and back propping of:
  • Industrial structures - tower structures with heavily loaded slabs.
  • Temporary support of structures during construction.
  • Residential and commercial concrete frame buildings.
Advantages of aluminium shoring.
  • Large volumes of false-work can be easily assembled because all the components are relatively light and can be quickly erected or dismantled manually by men.
  • Quick fastening and simple location of ledger frames,
  • Good strength to weight ratio.
  • Ledger frames can be located at any vertical position along the leg.
  • Connection detailing; which makes the system very adaptable and easy to assemble.
In essence, this unique lightweight shoring equipment requires a minimal number of component to provide a rigid temporary support system. This makes it quick and easy to erect as proven on many different types of construction projects. The light weight aluminium beams can be used to create a wide variety of beam configurations for, soffit support, form work and false work applications. 

Hydra-Capsule Limited enjoys good working relationships with many distributors throughout the UK and are able to offer competitive rates for hire, sales or contract services for the design and installation of aluminium shoring systems throughout the UK and Europe, please contact us for further details.

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