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Propping and jacking specialists Hydra-Capsule Limited contract services (installers) provide structural support equipment including a full range of temporary propping accessories with integrated heavy duty hydraulic jacking systems which enables precise supports, lifting, lowering or pre-loading of heavy structures.

With over 50 years’ of experience and practical on-site installation, and our company operating for over 30 years. We are one of the leading temporary propping installers and contractors in the UK market.

We have worked throughout the UK and Europe and are one of the leading contractors within the industry. With our numerous teams around the country with are able to supply all types of temporary propping solutions, from propping and needling, façade retention, structural temporary back-propping, ground excavation to bridge propping and jacking systems.

With our growing portfolio of contracts growing every year. We are always happy to provide customers with bespoke temporary propping systems to accommodate any unseen problems, normally resulting in the most economical solution for your project.

Hydra-Capsule Limited offers a full design and installation service provided by our fully qualified and competent Engineers.

We always work hand-in-hand with your site staff and design Engineers, from small to the larger more complex projects. Listed below are the various types of temporary propping and jacking systems that we currently offer, from heavy duty propping to light duty props and rapid erecting aluminium shoring:

Back-Propping and Raking Props

Supports for Demolition

Bridge Propping and Jacking

Façade Retention

Needling and Propping

Basement and Excavation Shoring

Temporary Propping Equipment and Services Provided:

  • Acrow and Scaffolding Supports
  • Light-Duty, Superslim and Solider Propping
  • Rapidshor and Kwikform Support Shoring Systems
  • Aluminium Propping
  • Megashor Heavy duty Propping
  • Groundshoring and Excavation Struts
  • Needling and Support Beams (Doku, Steel and Aluminium Spreader Beams)

Services Provided:

  • Propping and Needling
  • Temporary Bridge Propping Support and Jacking Systems
  • Façade Retention
  • Concrete Slab Formwork Supports
  • Hire ‘Only’ Fleet Service

With our new warehouses, offices and units offering over 1.25 acres of storage. We are continuously growing and reinvesting into our ever-growing hire fleet and gradually expanding to accommodate the business growth within our specialised temporary propping and hydraulic jacking sector.

We offer a complete propping and jacking solution from concept design to installation, including specialist synchronised computer control with electronic monitoring jacking equipment which enables us to provide precise and uniform lifting or lowering operations with relative ease.

For more details of the systems we provide. Please click on the below brochure links:

  • Aluminium Super Prop Supports - Brochure link *
  • Structural Propping and Needling Systems – brochure link *
  • Heavy Duty Temporary Propping Supports – brochure link *
  • Temporary Bridge Propping and Jacking Systems – brochure link *

All our systems are modular and can be supplied with a multitude of accessories such as, adaptor plates, diagonal bracing brackets, adjustable levelling bases, rocker bearing heads, jacking adaptors and spreader or needling beams of various lengths all available for hire at competitive rates throughout the UK.

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