Railway Infrastructure – Hydraulic Jacking and Temporary Propping Supports

Reading Station (RSAR) Development Project

Network Rail

Description of Project

Reading Station is undergoing a transformation programme as part of he wider £895m Reading Improvement scheme. to 105 and 82 meters in height. The redevelopment project consisted of complete installation of transfer decking to access all platforms and improvements to the surroundings, of the station.

Professional Services

Hydra Capsule were appointed to design, install and hydraulically jack existing supports throughout the RSAR Project. The works consisted of installing approx 25 tonnes of propping through the complete subway, supporting "live" platforms and tracks. With a capacity upto 36,000 kNs.

In addition a jacking system was installed, preloaded and jacked excess displacements of the main structural steelwork staircases, using a 600 tonnes synchronised jacking system. Whilst all the remedial works were completed, prior to de-energising the system.

Hydra Capsule were also appointed to assist with the complete demolition works of a 50 metre footbridge over 2 phases. Completely supporting the footbridge deck at 4-points over 8 platforms, whilst the works were carried.

In addition to the above works, Hydra Capsule installed diagonal propping for strengthening works, with a capacity of 30,000 kNs and existing temporary supports throughout a majority of liftshafts. While installation and repair works we carried out for the structural steelworks.

Project Features

  • Synchronised Hydraulic Jacking System
  • Heavy Duty Temporary Propping
  • Light Duty Temporary and Aluminium Propping Slab Supports
  • Design and Manufacturing of Steelwork (in-house)

Duration of Works

September 2012 to February 2013

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