Structural Propping

Hydra Capsule have been operating as a family-ran company for over 30 years experience and have more than 50 years practical experience and are one of the leading temporary propping contractors and installers in the UK.

From the vast wealth knowledge of all the available equipment and products in the industry. We are at the forefront, offering innovative temporary propping solutions. Ranging from designing, installing and supplying temporary propping (hire basis only). With a close relationship with all the temporary propping manufacturers and suppliers we have grown to become a recommended / nominated temporary propping installer.

We understand that there are a number of element to be considered during temporary propping. Ranging from removal load-bearing columns or supports, restraining walls from subsidence to support structures during demolition works (ie crash-decks), supporting known loads and abnormal loadings to distribution the correct load path during works are carried out.

During remedial, repair and refurbishment projects the structures’ members (ie. Concrete slab, steelwork, pile foundations and retention of walls) will need to be supported, to ensure design stresses are transferred correctly and eliminate any potential over-loading to critical members and supports. We stock and can supply any quantity of any temporary propping system in the market required for your project and structural support requirements. Ranging from standard light duty acrow propping and underpinning props (4 to 6 tonnes) to medium duty (8 to 15 tonnes) from aluminium superprops, shoring systems to superslim soldiers and for heavy duty applications can offer heavy duty temporary props from 75 tonnes upto 400 tonnes capacity (combined legs).

Structural Propping used for a multitude of applications

  • Back-propping.
  • Structural temporary propping
  • Raking Support Props
  • Temporary propping and shoring towers
  • Underpinning
  • Concrete slab forming
  • Heavy load support propping
  • For more details of the systems we provide. Please click on the below brochure links:

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