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Hydra-Capsule have over 50 years of experience with design, installation of propping and hydraulic jacking systems to structures throughout a number of applications.

With a vast stock range of propping and jacking equipment for projects ranging from light-duty to heavy-duty propping. We are one of the industry leading temporary propping and jacking installers in the design, hire, supply and fix contractors.

It is very common to integrate propping and jacking systems for accurately and precising preloading structures correctly and ensuring the correct load path is being implenated, as per the clients and engineers design.

There are numerous propping solutions available and we have an extensive stock of hydraulic jacking, geodetic and structure monitoring equipment in stock ranging upto over 1000 tonnes to assist from construction site support to more commonly bridge propping and jacking system for the Highway Agency and Network Rail structures.

Please contact of team to discuss any applicable projects way hydraulic jacking, temporary propping and monitoring capabilities are required.

Temporary Support Towers

Preloading of Structure

Preloading Bearings and Assets

Bridge Propping and Jacking

Jacking and Lifting of Structures

Temporary Propping and Jacking Benefit:

  • Bridge Propping and Jacking Support Systems
  • Lifting and Holding Superstructures
  • Bearing Replacement
  • Comprehensive range of light duty to heavy duty propping and jacking equipment for all project applications
  • Full Scheme Drawings, Design in Principle and Scope of Works available upon request
  • Supporting failure to a structure
  • Concrete Repair, Remedial and Demolition Supports

Hydra-Capsule offers a complete in-house package for all applications, ranging for complete design, installation and jacking, to hire and sales of temporary propping.

For more details of the systems we provide. Please click on the below brochure links:

  • Temporary Bridge Propping and Jacking Systems – brochure link *

Please click below link to search our Hydra-Capsule Hire Fleet service.

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