Plain Ram Cylinder Jacks

TBC Description

Selection Chart

Jack Type Stroke(mm) Capacity (kNs)
HW-001 Single-Acting Wedge Jack 100mm opening 10 kNs
SA10-100 Single-Acting / Spring-Return 100 100 kNs
SA30-155 Single-Acting / Spring-Return 155 300 kNs
SA50-150 Single-Acting / Spring-Return 150 500 kNs
SA100-100 Single-Acting / Spring-Return 100 1000 kNs
DA25-250 Double-Acting 250 250 kNs
DA300-200 Double-Acting 200 3000 kNs
DA500-200 Double-Acting 200 5000 kNs
DA1200-200 Double-Acting 200 12000 kNs

Key Features:

  • Different models
  • Safe working load of 1 tonnes to 100 tonnes (1000 kNs) capacity
  • Range of strokes from 50mm, 100mm and 200mm and 300mm
  • Expensive range of accessories
  • Single-acting spring-return and double-acting options
  • Large stocks available for immediate dispatch
  • Available for hire and sales.


  • Bridge Jacking and Temporary Propping System compactible for preloading and lifting operations
  • Pre-loading and Lifting Operations
  • Low Access Jacking
  • Sliding, Pushing and Moving Applications

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We stock the largest extensive sales / hire fleet range with over 1,500 hydraulic jacks and accessories which are fully load-proof tested and traceable to UKAS.

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