Megashor and Heavy Duty Propping

The ultra high-strength heavy duty megashor propping system is primarily used for supporting bridges, superstructures and groundshoring applications and can accommodate the most demanding construction site project.

With its robust and easily to assemble fittings. The temporary megashor sections can be used in a number of different temporary works applications, from back-propping, bridge-propping supports, trusses and façade retention towers and excavation waler beams to horizontal struts
The megashor system is a very versatile heavy duty propping system and can be used in either single or multiple section support configurations and offering a capacity from 750 kNs, 1000 kNs and 1350 kNs tonnes per propping section
The system includes a comprehensive range of sizes, extensions and components accessories that together create a flexible and adaptable shoring system suitable for a wide range of uses. Stiffeness bracing by superslim soldier components can also be in used.

Available in the following lengths (mm) :-
40, 90, 270, 450, 900, 1800, 2700, 5400.
Plan size of 290mm by 290mm

With an extensive range of ancillary equipment available, including screw jacks, rocking heads used be raking, needle beams, grillage beams and sleepers used as base foundations.

Selection Chart

Rocking Heads Hydraulic Jacking Units Adjsutable Screw Jacks
Base Plates 90 degree Corners Jacking / Packing Plates
Push/Pull Jacks Tilt Plates Header / Grillage Beams

Key Features:

  • Hydra Capsule are recommended installer of these products
  • 7 standard lengths available to suit site requirements
  • Stock all accessories – eg. Rocking Heads, , screw jacks, base plates, hydraulic jacking units and heavy duty header beams
  • Compatible with superslim and soldier componentns
  • From 75 to 135 tonnes (750 kNs to 1350 kNs) capacity
  • Expensive range of accessories
  • Large stocks available for immediate dispatch
  • Available for hire or sales


  • Bridge Propping and Hydraulic Jacking
  • Vertical, horziontal and raking propping struts
  • Heavy duty back-proppping for superstructures and slab supports
  • Façade Retention
  • Temporary Support Trusses
  • Groundshoring and Excavation Supports
  • Lifting and Waler Beams

For all Hydraulic Accessories, please see here and here
We stock an extensive hire fleet range of accessories which is available including connections for our Hymat and Hydra-Jacks that can suit all temporary propping manufacturers products due to our easy boltable adaptor jacking plates. For pre-loading, striking and lifting operations.

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