Laser Levelling

Deflections and displacement occur naturally in structures from various sources, such as loading, lifting and lowering jacking operations. These deflections and displacements sometimes need to be calculated and monitored in order to verify that they are within acceptable limits.

Excess deflections or displacements in structures and bridges can cause potential structural damage. Hydra-Capsule has developed and incorporated temporary and permanent deflection and displacement measurement systems for customers with demanding measuring requirements before, during and after jacking operations.

Benefits of precise laser levelling system:
  • Multiple real-time monitoring of structural movements.
  • Prevents structural damage with precise design tolerances.
  • Compatible with Hydra-Capsule’s remote data-logging and monitoring software.
  • Wide range of applications.

Hydra-Capsule’s real-time laser levelling sensors have the ability to be accurate to +/- 0.20mm
Laser Monitoring System
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