Geodetic Monitoring Equipment - (Total Stations)

Geodetic monitoring (total station) is an electronic/optical robotic surveying instrument, which can be used in modern surveying and building construction for long-term and distance monitoring.The total station in principle is a robotic theodolite integrated with an electronic distance meter (EDM) able to read slope distances and movement displacements from the instrument to a particular point.

All this information can be data-logged and integrated into Hydra-Capsules unique software enabling real-time or stored data to be viewed remotely via the internet. Preset limits and alarms can also be sent to key personal via standard SMS messaging when out of  tolerance, thus giving customers complete control while project works continue.

We are able to offer short or long term hire total stations that can monitor a wide range of applications and effects to existing structures, with an accuracy of +/- 1mm:
  • Structural displacement measuring.
  • Bridge and bearing movements.
  • Temporary propping and supports monitoring.
  • Ground or foundation settlements.


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