Civil Engineering – Ground Excavation Supports – Flat Jacks and Hydraulic Jacking

Bloomberg Place, London

Sir Robert McAlpine / Bloomberg L.P.

Description of Project

The project is one of the largest private investment within the United Kingdom / Europe for an commercialdevelopment for Bloomberg London, the construction project for the new European Headquarters for Bloomberg L.P.

The development comprises two high-grade specification office buildings in the City of London. It will include some retail units at ground floor level, and a new entrance to the London Underground, Bank Station.

Hydra Capsule flat jacks ranging from 50 to 350 tonnes were provided. (Models FJ25, FJ-48 and FJ-60)

Professional Services

Hydra Capsule manufactured over 60 number permanent flat jacks to pre-loaded and pre-stress numerous locations of the perimeter steelworks prop struts and waling arrangement.

This was assist with structural strengthening of the excavation works. Limiting displacement of ground settlement and displacement of adjacent buildings and structures (ie. surrounding offices, buildings and listed church), whilst the full excavation works were completed.

In total the temporary support system was install to a depth of - 24 metres and while all the ground works were completed prior to the concrete core structures being erected.

"Hydra Capsule provided over 5,000 tonnes of preload jacking forces throughout the project; with props extending over 25 metres in length"

All works were carried out using precise movement sensors, LVDTs (+/- 0.02mm) and load sensors, (+/- 1 kN) that allowed the critical loading and displacement data to be provided to the structural consultant engineers for analysis.

The complete system was connected to Hydra-Capsule 'purpose built' read-out monitoring control unit. Which allows all information to be provided in "live" real-time data display.

Hydra Capsule also provided contract service to fully install and carry out grout injection; to permanently transfuse each flat jack individually for the jacking force to be permanently induced for the duration of the project.

Project Features

  • Grout Flat Jacks
  • Hydraulic Jacking and Monitoring
  • Synchronised Control System
  • Temporary Propping and Struts Pre-loading Systems
  • Supply and Fix Package

Duration of Works

September 2013 to June 2014

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