Construction Structures – Flat Jacking and Structural Remote / Real-time Monitoring

Pioneer Point, Ilford

Helaba Landesban Hessen-Thuringen (DJW and Associates)

Description of Project

Pioneer Point, a controversial project in Ilford in East London is starting construction. The twin inter-locked towers of 31 and 25 floors rising up to 105 and 82 meters in height.

Pioneer Point is now a dominant feature on the Ilford skyline. Working closely with the Lender, Borrower, Professional Teams and new Contractor, we were instrumental in reversing the fortunes of this landmark development. The superstructure of the towers were supported from level 3 to 17, with insufficient supports resulting in excessive load distributions and deflections throughout the concrete slabs per floor.

Professional Services

Hydra Capsule were appointed to design, manufacture / supply hydraulic / transfusion grout flat jacks to newly installed support. Throughout the superstructure levels, ranging from 1000 kNs to 3450 kNs maximum loads.

Each column was carefully pre-loaded initially to a specified defined loading, monitored by displacement and movement gauges. When additional remedial works and support columns were installed and displacement and deflection of the concrete slabs were reduced. Hydra Capsule returned to site and carried out the grout transfusion operation.

“Pioneer Point one of the largest and tallest residential and commercial properties in Europe"

The grout transfusion operation consisted of a skilled trained jacking team to accurately transfuse Temporary fluid (water / oil) from the flat jack, and inject cementitious grout into the flat jack capsule. Due to Hydra Capsule injection system, we were able to maintain nominal movement (+/- 0.15mm) and load (+/- 10 kNs) differential throughout all flat jacks positions.

In addition, Hydra Capsule installed a structural monitoring system, which data-logged and recorded all the building movements for Engineers to analyse and extract trends throughout the project.

Project Features

  • Transfusion Flat Jacks
  • Grout injection jacking system
  • Real-time and Remote Structure Monitoring
  • Hydraulic Jacking

Duration of Works

August 2012 to December 2013

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