Infrastructure – Airport – Bridge Jacking and Bearing Replacement Works

Gatwick Airport Station Redevelopment, London

Gatwick Airport Limited / Network Rail

Description of Project

Gatwick has the fastest route by rail into central London from any London airport. Through this scheme, the station facilities will have a much needed face-lift. This will complement the investments being made by the Airport Operator, Gatwick Airport Limited.

Hydra Capsule were approached by a subcontractor to design, manufacture, supply and install a complete jacking system to approved temporary work scheme, for assisting the bearing replacement works.

Professional Services

Due to the height restraints based on the temporary support works numerous load 40 tonnes upto 200 tonnes capacity jacks were used to pre-load, support and lift (approx +5.00mm) each bearing / pier location.

The jacks were linked in sets of 2, 4 and 6 at each pier and controlled by individual by separate pumps, due to the differential loadings between each jack and interlinked hydraulic circuit.

This allowed each pier to be loaded and synchronously lifted to the specifications, without over-stressing the existing structure connections. Once completed the jacks were locked-off whilst the remedial and bearing replacement works were carried out.

"Complete controlled hydraulic movement, throughout a “live” railway station and airport. One of the busiest within the United Kingdom"

In addition, once all the piers had all the remedial works and bearing replacement completed. Hydra Capsule re-attended site to de-energise and transfer the existing loads back-trough the newly installed elastomeric and fixed bearings.

The operation was completed by re-energising the jack loads (as previously pre-loaded), and then lowered by a controlled hydraulic pumps.

Which was monitored by incorporating electronic load sensors and LDVTs displacement gauges. Allowing Hydra Capsule to fully control the lowering of each pier bridge deck and distribute the loads fully through the operations.

Project Features

  • Hydraulic Jacking and Monitoring Equipment
  • Synchronised Control Lifting / Lowering System
  • Flat Jacks – for preloading bearings
  • Jacking from Temporary Support Systems
  • Design and Manufacturing of Bespoke Hydraulic Jacks

Duration of Works

April 2013 to March 2014

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