Bar Stressing, Pile and Anchor Testing

Hydra-Capsule Limited have designed and manufactured hydraulic jacks and hydraulic pumps to accommodate bar pre-stressing and post-tensioning equipment within the civil and construction industry.

Our range consist of two types of models; single-acting (spring return) and double-acting (hydraulic powered return) and load capacity to meet all requirements. Our systems can accommodate strand, threaded bar and anchor bolts.

Anchorage Testing

Pile Testing

Bar Tensioning and Pre-stressing

The preferred and most accurate way to pre-stress is to use a hydraulic jack which couples directly to the end of the tendon / anchor with a pull rod assembly. The jack frame typically bears against the steel plate while the hydraulic ram transfers a direct tension load to the application.

Bar Stressing Advantage:

  • Hydra Capsule systems can accommodate all manufacturers’ products on the current UK market. For example, Macolloy bars, Dwyidag and Hilt Anchorage to name a few
  • Our stressing jacks capacity from from 10 tonnes upto 1000 tonnes with strokes from 40mm upto 300mm
  • We can accommodate bar from 5mm upto 140mm diameter
  • All cylinders can be linked into our data-logging system and monitoring manually or digitally for engineering reports
  • Accurate pre-loading and lock-off using our bespoke jacking stools

When the pre-stress load is achieved, using Hydra Capsule’s digital pressurising equipment, the anchor nut and/or tendon wedges can be manually seated to the pre-determined load, the jack is then released. The anchor nut / seated wedge prevents the steel bar/strand tendon from relaxing back to its original length, therefore, the anchor has been pre-stressed. Once the anchor is put into service, additional elongation only occurs if the applied load exceeds the pre-stress load.

Pile and Foundation Testing

To ensure you benefit from the most dependable service, we supplement our quality control procedures with an extensive range of pile and in situ soil testing.

We offer a range of different pile testing techniques. The most requested are:

  • Hydraulic Jacking Pile-Testing
  • Manual or Digital Monitoring
  • Anchor stressing
  • Load Cell monitoring upto 500 tonnes

Static testing using any of these reaction methods determines the relationship between load and settlement, or to verify that the capacity of a pile exceeds the specified load. The constant rate of penetration technique can determine ultimate pile bearing capacity. We stock hydraulic cylinders that can reach 1,200 tonnes (12,000 kNs) forces.

We can offer this service on a contract supply and fix or hire of equipment solution option.

Anchor and Pull Out Testing

Anchor and pull Test service is in response to a growing industry requirement to increase the safety and security of fixings and anchors widely used in most construction materials.

There has been a major increase in the use of pull out testing, particularly with local authorities who demand that a specific pull out testing programme should be carried out on site by the contractor which is then endorsed by recorded evidence.

In response to the above, all our engineers have been extensively and robustly trained and are fully certified in pull out test in concrete, walls and etc which are recognised within the civil and construction industry.

We stock a number of different testing applications, machine, testing-stools and a large provision of tools to carry out load testing from 1 tonnes up to 1,000 tonnes.

Benefits of Pull Out Testing

  • Provides a safer working environment.
  • Proof or failure of most fixing types is achieved.
  • Accurately record and monitoring fixings to a defined load
  • Protects workforce in temporary and permanent works.
  • Testing is highly effective and can be speedily processed.
  • Tests bonding strengths of materials, adhesives and other construction based applications.

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