Aluminium Superprop Support Propping

The ultra high-strength aluminium shorig and propping leg system is primarily used for concrete slab formwork and back-propping.

With its robust and easily to “pop-in” assemble location pin fittings. The temporary superprops can be used in a number of different temporary works applications, from back-propping, propping and needling, concrete slab forming supports and more.
The Super Props consist of five different types of prop ranging from 1.25m – 4.00m. Made from aluminium, they are low weight yet have a high load capacity. The Super Prop can be used individually as a vertical support, or, when used with frames, multiple props can be built as static towers or tables
The aluminium propping system (also known as superprops, alshor, titan and Gass props) are all low weight, yet have a high load capacity. Our equipment offers 120 kNs per section leg.
The system includes a comprehensive range of sizes, extensions and components accessories that together create a flexible and adaptable shoring system suitable for a wide range of uses from single legs to multi-leg towers and fixed brace ledgers.

Available in the following lengths (mm) :-
1250, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000 and 4000.
Plan size of 200mm by 170mm

Selection Chart

Tilt plate Brace Frames Short & Long Screw Jacks
Base Plates U-Heads Aluminium Beams

Key Features:

  • Hydra Capsule are recommended installer of these products
  • 6 standard lengths available to suit site requirements
  • Stock all accessories – eg. Tilt plates, screw jacks, base plates, u-heads, brace frames, and formwork aluminium beams
  • Safe working load upto 12 tonnes (120 kNs) capacity
  • Expensive range of accessories
  • Large stocks available for immediate dispatch


  • Heavy duty back-proppping for superstructures and slab supports
  • Temporary Supports
  • Falsewoke
  • Access Platforms
  • Temporary Propping and Needling Systems

We also stock a large number of aluminium header and spreader primary and secondary beams 155mm and 225mm which ranges from 1000mm to 7200mm in length.
In addition, if a larger capacity propping and needling systems are required. We can offer alternatives such as superslim and soldiers and ranging from 15 tonnes upto 135 tonnes.

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