Ajustable Steel Acrow Props

Also know as adjustable steel props, acrows props, post shoring, shores and steel props. We offer all the standard five sizes of acrow prop jacks which are available for hire and sales.

The adjustable steep acrow props are designed to support a range of formwork & falsework applications, propping, floors, ceiling, openings and temporary needling propping support beams.
We stock large amounts of the different types and can delivery within the same day, nationwide.

Selection Chart

Size Description Minimum Height(metre) Maximum Height(metre) Weight(Kgs)
0 Acrow Prop Jack 1.04 (1040mm) 1.82 (1829mm) 11.30
1 Acrow Prop Jack 1.75 (1753mm) 3.12 (3124mm) 16.40
2 Acrow Prop Jack 1.98(1981mm) 3.35 (3352mm) 17.50
3 Acrow Prop Jack 2.59 (2590mm) 3.96 (3962mm) 20.25
4 Acrow Prop Jack 3.20 (3200mm) 4.87 (4876mm) 24.00

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Height
  • Avaliable in range of sizes
  • Manufactured and certified to Bristish Stadnards
  • Compatible with Strongboys
  • Durable and light, but upto load of 3 tonnes (Datasheet available)
  • Avaliable for hire or sales
  • Large stocks available for immediate disptach


  • Upto 3 tonnes capacity (subject to extension of prop)
  • Variable heights / extensions
  • Temporary or permenant uses
  • All props are manufactuered to British Standards
  • To support structures from propping and needling to general floor supportsand underpinning operations
  • Number of different attachement accessoires that can be incorporated within the system (u-heads, couplers, needle beams, strongboys) which are available from our hire-fleet.

Head and Base Plates 150x150 x 6 mm to BS4360 with 38mm Dia hole.
Fully & independently tested to BS4074: 1982 / BS5507-3:1982. Props are manufactured from an outer tube 60.3mm Dia and an Inner tube of 48.3mm Dia. The threaded portion is friction welded to the outer tube to produce a lighter weight Prop.
In addition, if a larger capacity propping and needling system is required. We can offer alternatives steel soldiers, heavy-duty props and aluminium super props ranging from 10 tonnes upto 125 tonnes.

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