A Strongboy is used when fitting a lintel, RSJ or beam within a wall, you will need to support the weight above while you work.

We stock large amounts of the strong and can delivery within the same day, nationwide.

Selection Chart

Type Description Weight(Kgs)
1 Strongboy 6.0

Key Features:

  • Manufactured and certified to Bristish Stadnards
  • Compatible with all acrow prop sizes
  • Avaliable for hire or sales
  • Large stocks available for immediate disptach


  • Upto 340 Kgs (0.34 tonnes) capacity
  • Easily inserted into brick mortar
  • Can work upto 3 metres (3000mm)
  • Adaption to an Adjustable Steel Prop

The Patented Strongboy works in conjunction with an Adjustable Steel Prop to provide support to brickwork whilst an opening is refurbished/created.
Due to the Strongboy's robust dynamics it can be fitted between courses on a double skin brick cavity wall from either side to provide a quick, easy and safe temporary support solution
In addition, if a larger capacity propping and needling systems are required. We can offer alternatives, adjustable acrow props, steel soldiers, heavy-duty props and aluminium super props ranging from 10 tonnes upto 125 tonnes.

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