Hydra-Capsule Limited has designed and manufactured hydraulic jacks and hydraulic pumps to accommodate for pre-stressing and post-tensioning equipment within the civil and construction industry.

Our range consist of two types of models; single-acting (spring return) and double-acting (hydraulic powered return) and load capacity to meet all requirements. Our systems can accommodate strand, threaded bar and anchor bolts.

The preferred and most accurate way to pre-stress is to use a hydraulic jack which couples directly to the end of the tendon / anchor with a pull rod assembly. The jack frame typically bears against the steel plate while the hydraulic ram transfers a direct tension load to the application.

When the pre-stress load is achieved, using Hydra Capsule’s digital pressurising equipment, the anchor nut and/or tendon wedges can be manually saeted to the pre-determined load, the jack is then released. The anchor nut / seated wedge prevents the steel / tendon from relaxing back to its original length, therefore, the anchor has been pre-stressed. Once the anchor is put into service, additional elongation only occurs if the applied load exceeds the pre-stress load.

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