Infrastructure and Civil Engineering – Hydraulic Jacking and Temporary Propping

Kings Cross Station, London

Network Rail

Description of Project

King’s Cross Railway Station is one of London’s major railway terminus throughout its rail infrastructure. In 2005, a £500 million restoration plan was announced and commenced 2007. The scheme included works to be carried out from reglazing of the arched roof to complete redevelopment of the station’s surrounding environment.

The architect (John McAslan) claims that the roof is the longest single-span station structure in Europe. Hydra Capsule were approach to design and supply a system to accommodate restricted access and raising of 2 concrete slabs synchronously (160 Te each).

Professional Services

All the hydraulic jacks were 50 tonnes capacity and had a 300mm maximum stroke. Which is turn, were all electronically controlled by our multi-flow solenoid control hydraulic pumps

This synchronised lifting system allow 2 sets of 4 jacks (8 nr. in total) to be lifted together in 270mm stages. All hydraulic jacks and lifting points were digitally monitoring by our electronic instrumentation (ie. draw-wirepotentiometer and pressure sensors), allowing Hydra Capsule to have complete control throughout the operation(s).

The total lift of the slabs were +2.18 metres (2180mm) in height. Once completed, the slabs were fixed into its permanent place.

"The station redevelopment has been the catalyst for one of the largest regeneration schemes in Europe, attracting £2.2bn of private investment"

The complete jacking operation was completed all within 1 working day, as a result of using a jack-and-pack method. This allowed jacks to be paired together and lifted alternatively for speed, control and safety. In addition, due to the weight conditions and jacking arrangement, Hydra Capsule also fully designed and calculated all the forces / loadings for the temporary support system.

By offering the complete package, we were able to fully justify our proposal and build confidence with the client by providing our theoretic calculations.

Project Features

  • Synchronised Hydraulic Jacking System
  • Remote / Real-time Monitoring System
  • Heavy Duty Locking Collar Cylinder Jacks
  • Design and Manufacturing of Steelwork (in-house)
  • Temporary Propping Support Systems
  • Jacking and Propping Design and Engineering Calculations

Duration of Works

October 2011 to December 2011

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