Hymat Aluminium Cylinder Jacks

Hydraulic screw ram locking-collar jacks are manufactured which mechanically locks the ram, making them safe and reliable within the toughest environments. Ideal for lifting and holding applications.
We offer over 20 different models of screw ram jacks from 10 to 1000 tonnes in capacity with a variable strokes from 15mm upto 400mm.
Are hire fleet stock is continuously introduced to meet all load and stroke requirements.

Selection Chart

Jack Type Stroke(mm) Capacity(kNs)
HyMat-50 Hydraulic (400 bar) 50 750 (1500 locked-off)
HyMat-100 Hydraulic (400 bar) 100 750 (1500 locked-off)
HyMat-200 Hydraulic (400 bar) 200 750 (1500 locked-off)
HyMat-300 Hydraulic (400 bar) 300 750 (1500 locked-off)

Key Features:

  • Four different models
  • High Strength Aluminium materials
  • Safe working load of 750 kNs and 1500 kNs capacity on the locking collar
  • Range of strokes from 50mm, 100mm and 200mm and 300mm
  • Expensive range of accessories
  • Single-acting and load-return
  • Mechanically locking device (screw thread collar)
  • Can suit all propping systems available on the market
  • Large stocks available for immediate dispatch
  • Available for hire ONLY.


  • Bridge Jacking and Temporary Propping System compactible for preloading and lifting operations
  • Hydraulic Jacking and Monitoring projects with mechanical locking device (ie. screw ram thread)
  • Swivel Caps to allow for unlevel surfaces and strucutre upto 5 degrees or Fixed Spreader Head Caps
  • Synchronised Lifting Systems

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We stock the largest extensive sales / hire fleet range with over 1,500 hydraulic jacks and accessories which are fully load-proof tested and traceable to UKAS.

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