Civil Engineering – Hydraulic Jacking

Yacht Peggy, Isle of Man

Manx National Heritage (Isle of Man Government)

Description of Project

The boat, regarded to be one of the world’s oldest yachts, sits in the boat house of the Nautical Museum in Bridge Street, which was formerly the home of George Quayle, who built Peggy in the late 18th century.

Manx National Heritage discovered the boat was perilously close to collapse, due to the damp and cold conditions of the boat house, and embarked on the restoration process earlier.

Professional Services

Hydra Capsule were appointed to design, Install and hydraulically jack the existing Supports by 8 number hydraulic jacks. A jacking team went to the Isle of Man to complete the project within 1 day.

The works consisted of installing digital LDVT movement monitoring and pressure load sensors to accurately lift thecomplete boat +45.00mm (accurate to 0.25mm). Once lifted remedial and strengthening were completed by the Nautical Museum. Whilst the yacht was jacked, it allowed the museum to accurately weigh the boat, as additional option.

"The Peggy yacht is over 200 years and a fragile piece of historic manufacturing"

The yacht was completely sat on Hydra Capsule jacks until all steelworks was installed and then de-energised and control-lowered to its new supports.

Project Features

  • Synchronised Hydraulic Jacking System
  • Heavy Duty Locking Collar Cylinder Jacks
  • Design and Manufacturing of Steelwork (in-house)

Duration of Works

July 2013

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