Contract Services

for all our products and services for permanent and temporary applications.

Temporary Propping

giving construction our support for bridges, buildings, structures and a full range of propping systems.

Monitoring Equipment

complete range of structural monitoring equipment for real-time or remote monitoring.

Our Projects

range of projects completed by Hydra-Capsule within the specialist sector.

Heavy Duty Jacking Equipment for Bridge, Building and Structure Lifting

Heavy duty jacking equipment specialists, Hydra-Capsule Ltd offer a professional and personal service to all our customers. Established in 1987, we soon gained a reputation for quality, safety and innovative solutions for the jacking of bridges and other super-structures and buildings within the UK.

Our own range of heavy lifting and jacking equipment is designed in-house and developed from over 25 years of practical experience. Working on projects with the Highway Agency, Network Rail and London Underground, including projects concerning prestigious structures, we have become one of the UK’s leading jacking equipment specialists within the civil and construction industry.

Hydra-Capsule Limited carries a large stock of fully tested hydraulic bridge jacks and accessory equipment available on a sales, hire or contract basis at competitive rates.

Jacking Services, Equipment and Products include:
  • Temporary and Permanent Grout filled Flat Jacks.
  • Hydraulic Jacking and Pre-loading Steelwork and Temporary Propping.
  • Synchronised Bridge Jacking and Sliding Systems.
  • Hydraulic Cylinders Design and Manufacturing.
  • Temporary Propping Systems - Contract Services.
  • Monitoring Equipment for Remote Structural Health Systems.
  • Structural Bearing Replacement.
  • Grout Bags used for Underpinning.
  • Weighing, Load and Pile Testing Equipment.
  • Stressing and Tensioning.
We always take pride in providing a professional and personal service to all our customers, maintaining good working relationships, giving helpful advice, technical support and on-site back up with all our products.

Hydra-Capsule house lifting project jack-up entire five bedroom home by 1.4 metres to prevent future flooding.

Latest News

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1st July 2014

Over 50 permanent flat jacks used to pre-load temporary propping struts and waling steelwork arrangement for reducing ground movement settlements for excavation works to an depth of -25 metres and with props in excess of 25 metres in length and total loads to 350 more.

2nd June 2014

Hydra-Capsule are to announce completion of number flat jacks, hydraulic jacking and temporary propping works within the London Underground Redevelopment more.

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